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Established in 2017

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Dear friends,

My name is Deven AKA David AKA Dave (ISRAELI CITIZEN) and I have opened the Translation Services Desk portal, a STARTUP Company to provide clients and translators an online portal to place/accept jobs/projects at competitive rates.
Normal nominal market rates apply on a pro-rata basis, contingent on volume and context.
However, if you are looking for an actual translation and not a fly-by-night translator’s work, I have elaborated on this in paragraph three to this introductory letter.
I do not need to look for translators, as I already have them in my database, RWA contingent on availability. New applicants are vetted and based on qualifications, are added to our team

As the media keep reminding us, our business environment has become increasingly global. A prominent factor is that successful businesses want to sell their products/services in new areas, to expand internationally, network with customers/consumers and enhance their local and international image which require the services of the fast-growing translation industry to get their message across to new markets.

Unfortunately, many decision-makers aren’t sure how to select the right language service provider. This is hardly surprising since they are buying something they usually can’t judge (how many of them speak Chinese, Japanese or even Spanish?). But as the stakes are high, a poor translation can result in missed opportunities! Or worse, it could be costly and result in embarrassing mistakes or loss of revenue as a result of not getting the message across correctly.

As a professional translator with 5 years of experience in Hebrew to English translation domains, I do not profess that I can unequivocally offer many practical tips with direct benefits for you members. But, I would be pleased to offer a sample presentation of my personal work on the following topic(s):

Legal, Financial statements with annotations, Manuals, Articles of Association, contracts, certificates of all kinds and many more to give an idea of the professionalism involved.

We are also currently recruiting qualified professional, experienced native vendors/translators/linguists that are well-versed in all languages for projects that will be provided through our portal / dashboard and already have a growing team in various languages, including rare exotic language combinations that can be viewed at our website (such as Hebrewsimplified Chinese).

You are cordially invited to join hands with me for a long term fruitful cooperation, that we ensure long term benefits for both our Companies and provide fair income for translators in the policy that we adopt:

Let us work together, hand in hand, to better the lives of all and my team.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions you may have.

I look forward to hearing from you and working with your esteemed Company/Companies.

Deven Sachdeva.
Founder and Administrator

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