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Established in 2017

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Good day to all.

Creative Translation Services Desk (ATA Corporate Member 268078) is a proprietorship with a fully integrated translation center on ProZ. We provide Translation Services to clients to place jobs/projects and we assign it to translators on our online portal to accept the jobs/projects at competitive rates for various languages.


We will take care of your project and make sure that you accomplish every objective in it.

We function as the sole contact between clients and translators whenever you need outsourcing in any specific field. We organize and take care of each link in the translation process, track the project schedule, provide feedback on any problem and guarantee the punctual delivery of your project.

High-quality translations and services drive OUR development. Our main objective is your satisfaction. Therefore, in our translation projects we strictly observe the operational process of “translation, review and proofreading” (as demanded by the client) and adopt stringent quality-control measures before, during and after the translation. We want each and every project we produce to stand as a hallmark of excellence.

We rely on a network of hand-picked freelance translators and linguists, whereby vendors use an advancing technology to offer unbeatable quality, speed, and value.

The designers built them to create a great work environment for translators, so we/they can deliver to you with an ever-increasing speed and quality.

Experience and perseverance makes us better as a team, for together we are stronger.
The mission is to give more people the freedom to work from home, earn a decent income and put their hearts into what could be a lucrative income for them, while spending time at home with the wife (or husband) and kids.

We are bringing an online office where we believe and have faith that this will attract the best linguists that shall use their expertise and knowledge to earn their fair dues and is the key to delivering great service to our customers.

We do not believe in exploiting the linguist for personal enrichment. We want to help them obtain work and earn an honest living with integrity that every human being is entitled to.

Deven Sachdeva.
Founder and Administrator

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